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Tobacco dependence training for oral health educators and clinicians

Dear colleague,

As an oral health educator, you are committed to offering current, evidence-based information to your students and patients. We all know how difficult it is to keep up with the numerous innovations and guidelines to stay current in our field. For many faculty, a major barrier to providing current, evidence-based content is time – or lack of it – to research and develop needed materials. Tobacco Dependence Education is a somewhat complex, but important topic that is must fit into the curriculum somewhere – but how much information do you include and how does tobacco treatment fit into clinical practice?

Help is available at no cost

Tobacco Free! Curriculum© is a comprehensive, evidence-based, tobacco dependence treatment curriculum specifically designed with new or over-loaded faculty in mind. This open-access curriculum includes a faculty guide, presentation slides, talking notes, and a toolbox with resources including: tests, case studies, counseling activities, competency forms, and more. First introduced in 2004, Tobacco Free! Curriculum© has been formally evaluated and was found to increase faculty confidence in providing tobacco education as well as a reported increase in the number of minutes spent on tobacco dependence education (visit the Project Resume).

Getting started–register as a:
  • Faculty member-access to the complete Tobacco Free! Curriculum©
  • Student-resources to assist with papers, care plans, community presentations, poster boards
  • Practicing clinician-resources to help clinicians provide realistic tobacco treatment in a timely manner

Finally, an important part of any educational project is the inclusion of an evaluation component. The only condition for use of this curriculum is an agreement to respond to periodic online surveys on how the curriculum is being used and suggestions for improvement. This will enable me to continue to offer a quality curriculum.

Best wishes,

Joan M. Davis, PhD
Professor and Assistant Dean, Research
A.T. Still University-Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Tobacco Free! Curriculum© was developed by Joan M. Davis, PhD, Professor, Assistant Dean Research, in 2004. This web site and curriculum updates are unfunded and are provided in the hope of reducing the millions of people killed or maimed by the use of tobacco. In memory of my father and mother who suffered terribly from this addictive drug.


Tobacco Free! Curriculum© Davis 2004-2021. This modular educational program is intended for academic/classroom purposes only and is not to be used for continuing education programs or non-academic purposes. Owners/developers of the images/original graphics contained in these modules have given their written permission for them to be used only in this training program, and they cannot be changed, stored, or used for any other purposes.

Please contact Joan M. Davis at or 314.685.3568 with any questions concerning use of this material.